Agricultural Education and Training

Over the past twenty years, the World Bank has financed over US$400 million of investment in agricultural education and training in developing countries. This investment has helped many countries establish local capability to train technical staff and leaders in rural development. These skills are critical for human resource development, and the provision services necessary to enable rural people to increase agricultural productivity and sustainability of their farming systems. Absent this, the ability of rural people to improve their quality of life and livelihoods will be compromised. With the explosion of, and rapidly changing, global knowledge base, the opportunities provided by  new tools such as information technology, the constant need to maintain or increase competitiveness, increasing knowledge intensity of agricultural production and local development challenges, there is an ongoing need for strong national institutions with a focus on training future professionals and leaders with appropriate technical and functional skills. These institutions must change and develop wider linkages with clients and stakeholders and with institutions in other sectors.The World Bank remains committed to assisting its client countries strengthen their agricultural education and training systems and envisions an increase in investments in this key, but somewhat neglected, sub-sector.


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