The general learning objectives of the College ofNatural Resources and Environmental Studies involve the development of a working vocabulary, apply scientific techniques, improve observation powers and increase reasoning. Thereby preparing and enabling the student to understand the general methodology of natural applied and environmental Sciences and to conceive development regularities of the whole Scientific environment.

The objectives of the College ofNatural Resources and Environmental Studies are as follows

 To train natural resources managers and thus satisfy the acute shortage of skilled manpower in this area:

To undertake research in natural resources and to determine rational methods for their exploitation

To inculcate environmental awareness in the people; and,

 To participate in the development of the rural people through out-reach programs.


Since its inception in 1977, the College has represented a radical approach to academic development.

 It provided great opportunities for innovation in which new ideas and concepts, untried elsewhere, were being introduced without detracting from the College’s academic excellence. A graduate of the College of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies therefore, enjoys broadly-based multi-disciplinary education and training which makes him or her capable of approaching development and the management of natural resources in an integrated manner.

The College offers a five-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honors) in Natural Resources with a selected specialization indicated. The College has experienced significant developments in the promotion of Departments to schools, which brings about more specialized training in various aspects of natural resources and environmental studies.

Consequently, the Curricula for the Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Agricultural Sciences, Animal Production, Environmental Studies, Fisheries, Forestry, Geology and Mining, and Wildlife, have been developed in such a way that the student is provided with the fundamentals in the field of specialization and excellent support base in the other Basic Sciences during the five semesters after his/her enrollment in the College of Natural Resources and Environmental studies -University of Juba.